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Chalk: Wordless Wednesday

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Chalk: Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!

My daughter has always delighted in putting pen to paper.  Since some of her earliest creations were rather abstract, I got into the habit of asking her to tell me about her pictures. As only a child can, she came up with stories that were as fantastic as the art.

Bill Thomson’s wordless picture book, Chalk (Marshall Cavendish, 2010), speaks to that same power – the power of a child’s imagination.

Chalk Discovery.jpg

One day, three friends discover a bag of chalk in the park.  Unable to resist the bright colors (and the infinite possibilities), the children decide to play with the chalk. The first little girl chooses the yellow chalk and draws a picture of the sun on the ground.

Chalk Sun.jpg

When the sun comes to life and drives away the rainclouds, the children discover that they have found no ordinary sidewalk chalk.

Chalk Sun 2.jpg

Limited only by their imagination, the children use the chalk to transform their surroundings. 

Chalk Interior.jpg

The results are both beautiful...and surprising. 

Chalk Dino.jpg

"Everything you can imagine is real," said Pablo Picasso.  Gift this book and a box of chalk to your child and watch his imagination come to life.

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