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Unspoken: Wordless Wednesday


Unspoken: Wordless Wednesday

It's Wordless Wednesday! 

“What would you do if you had the chance to help a person find freedom?”  

This is the question posed by Henry Cole’s wordless picture book, Unspoken.  Set during the Civil War, a young girl, living on a farm in Virginia, discovers an escaped slave hiding in the cornstalks of her family’s storehouse.  


Frightened at first, the girl flees the barn.  As she goes about her day, she becomes increasingly concerned about her visitor’s well-being.  After supper, and unbeknownst to her family, the girl decides to smuggle food out to the storehouse.  

Page 3 Unspoken.jpg


Each day, she returns and each day, the danger increases, both for the girl's family and her hidden visitor.  Confederate soldiers pass by the farm regularly and bounty hunters come in search of the slave.

One evening, when the girl returns to the storehouse, she discovers that her visitor has vanished, presumably to safety in the North, thanks to her efforts. 

Cole has said that he set out to depict “the courage of everyday people who were brave in quiet ways”.  You can read Unspoken as a Civil War story but this wordless picture book speaks volumes about compassion.  How will you be brave in a quiet way today?