Last week, there were nine different wildfires in San Diego. Two of the largest fires were just a few miles from our home. Ever the Girl Scout, I decided to gather important documents and papers in case we received evacuation orders. In addition to birth certificates, Social Security cards and copies of our insurance policy, I packed up my baby book, old family pictures, my children's artwork, and keepsakes from my childhood such as this gem, which was written when I was in first grade.

The Little Christmas Tree 1.jpg

I'm relieved to say that we did not have to evacuate. The firefighters did an amazing job of putting out the fires.

As we unpacked and reorganized, I was surprised by two things: how much stuff we have (yikes!) and the choices I made. When faced with the prospect of losing everything, I reached for sentimental things that can't be easily replaced - things that conjure up memories of family, friends, and days gone by. 

We were lucky.

Others in San Diego were not. 

If you'd like to help with the relief effort, The American Red Cross and The Salvation Army are accepting donations. Make sure you indicate that you want your donation to be earmarked for San Diego County Fire Relief.

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