Welcome to Wordless Wednesday!

The first Wednesday of every month, I plan to share one of my favorite wordless pictures book with you.

I know today is August 7th but Fall is just around the corner. Wouldn’t you like summer to last just a little bit longer? 

The first word that comes to mind when I think of summer is beach.  Do you remember the first time you visited one?  Were you scared of the water or did you rush right in?  Did the roar of the waves frighten you or make you giggle?  Perhaps you felt all of those things at once?   Suzy Lee’s wordless picture book, Wave (Chronicle Books, 2008) captures these ambivalent feelings perfectly.  Wave is the story of a little girl’s first encounter with the beach.  At first, she is afraid to go into the water.  As the waves roll in, she beats a hasty retreat.  Her trepidation quickly turns into fascination and she approaches the ocean to explore.  With each step, she grows braver and, soon, she is not only frolicking in the waves, but taunting them.  Much to the girl’s surprise, the ocean proves to be a mischievous and powerful playmate - an enormous wave crashes down upon her.  Angry at first, she sticks out her tongue; her anger turns to delight when the wave recedes and she finds a trove of shells on the sand.

Wave is no ordinary book about a day at the beach; Lee explores the power of the natural world, depicts the wonder of a child’s curiosity and introduces the theme of friendship in a playful way. Words really don’t do this wordless book justice.  Click on the picture to watch a lovely trailer about Wave from Chronicle Books.